Serve Brewpub Jerky. Serve more beer.

We provide Brewpubs and Taprooms with gourmet beef jerky, because your customers need a great snack while they enjoy your best brews.

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Eliminate Prep Time

Brewpub Jerky can be served immediately, so your patrons get their snacks fast!

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Keep Customers Happy

Our flavor profiles are designed to pair well with beer. Your customers will be delighted.

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Focus on your Craft

Focus on the part of your business that really fires you up...your beer!

You don't need to settle for lousy snacks.

Traditional bar snacks are loaded with carbs and make people feel gross.
This can ruin a customer's evening and make them want to go home.

We have a better option for you.

Get Brewpub Jerky
Brewpub Jerky is made for your brewery.
Long shelf life

Brewpub Jerky has a 12 month shelf life. So you don't have to worry about wasting any of it.

Made fresh

We always make a fresh batch of jerky for your brewery. Straight from our smokehouse to your brewery :)

Complements beer

Our flavor profiles are designed to pair well with a wide variety of beers, with new flavors launched regularly. 

Focus on your craft

Since you won't have to worry about snacks, you can focus on the part of your business that really fires you up... your beer!

Save time

Brewpub Jerky saves you time and money because it has no prep time and can be served right away!

Buyback guarantee

We know you're going to sell all of your jerky. But if you still have leftover after the expiration date passes then we will buy back any expired product.

We make it easy for you.

Let's Chat

Tell us about your business. Every brewpub has its own unique vibe and we have several different options to fit your style. We prefer to speak on the phone so we can get a feel for you.

Get Brewpub Jerky

We make a fresh batch of jerky for you and ship it straight to your door. You can begin serving it immediately! (Our turnaround time is typically about 14 days).

Serve more beer!

Your customers will be munching on jerky and reaching for more beer. You will be working on your next delicious brew and have peace of mind knowing your customers are snacking well.

About Us

We are a band of beer drinkers

We have put in many hours drinking craft beer all around the country. The one thing that we always found frustrating was the snack selection, because we didn't always want a full meal with our beer. 
So we took an old family beef jerky recipe and tweaked it a bit to pair better with craft beer. 
And that is why we are so excited to offer you our Brewpub Jerky! It was born out of a desire for better beer-snacks and designed to enhance the beer drinking experience.

We know you and your customers are going to love it.

The Original Brewpub Jerky

Black Pepper

An immediate kick of black pepper hits the front of your tongue when you bite into a piece of Brewpub Jerky Original. It's not overpowering; just enough to get you interested.

 Brown Sugar

Also one of the first things you taste, brown sugar gives our Brewpub Jerky a little sweetness. But we are careful not to use too much. Jerky shouldn't taste like candy...


 It takes a little chewing to get the kick of heat, but once you do you will find that it is a satisfying warmth that sticks for a while.

Hickory Smoke

Hickory smoke is the last thing you will notice. It is also the flavor that will sit on your tastebuds the longest, giving you a nice warm (thanks to the cayenne) and smoky aftertaste.

100% USDA Beef

We only use the highest quality 100% USDA beef sourced from American farms. The cut we typically use is Eye Round. 

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No Prep Time

Serve it fast. Make more money.

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High Protein Snack

Keeps customers energized and nourished.

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Pairs with Beer

Delights your tastebuds!

"Wow, I feel great after that bowl of cheese fries!" 
-No One Ever

Give your customers a better snack option today. 

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It's FREE jerky, people...

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