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Don't settle for average beer snacks.

At Brewpub Jerky, we make gourmet beef jerky that is created to taste great with beer. So you can have a delicious, high protein snack that actually makes your beer taste better.
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What beer drinkers are saying

It's all about the details...

The cuts of meat

We only use the highest quality, lean cuts of meat.

When you use a cheap/fatty cut of meat to make jerky, it doesn't hold up well during the dehydration process. This makes the texture all crumbly and pasty....gross!

High quality, lean meat = great texture.

How long do you chew?

We take EVERYTHING into account, even chew time.

Did you know that up to 70% of what we "taste" is actually experienced through smells that are released while we chew?

Chew time dictates how much flavor you will experience.

Flavor Release

We build our recipes so you experience multiple flavors as you chew.

This makes beer pairing really fun because it brings more subtlety and intrigue than you could ever have with say... a pretzel. And it’s more complex than your average jerky.

Every ingredient is carefully portioned to create a delicious experience.

Are you a beer drinkin' carnivore?

Yes? Then what are you waiting for? Get yourself the meatiest, tastiest beer-snack you've ever had. Boom!

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