About Us

We are a band of beer drinkers and we love beef jerky.

We were always looking for a better snack option in breweries; the cheese fries, pretzels and deep fried onion rings always left us feeling a bit greasy. So we decided to create a snack that fit perfectly with beer; beef jerky! High in protein and packed with unique flavor, Brewpub Jerky pairs perfectly with beer. We are so excited to offer Brewpub Jerky to all you beer drinkers! 



The Team

Zach Bateman


Hey I'm Zach.

I love beer. I love beef jerky. More people NEED to eat beef jerky while they drink beer! That is why I started Brewpub Jerky; to share the best beef jerky in the world with the best people in the world...Beer Drinkers. If you like to drink great beer and eat great beef jerky then we can definitely be friends. Cheers!

Favorite type of beer: Session IPA

Favorite beer drinking activity: Viking Chess (It's cool, look it up)


Catherine Bateman


Hey, my name is Catherine.

I am an animated Brewpub Jerky enthusiast and absolutely love getting it into the hands of anyone and everyone in the beer community. I love what we have to offer and it's my mission to share it with YOU. Brewpub Jerky is the One-y One One!

Favorite type of beer: Saison 

Favorite beer drinking activity: Dance like nobody's watching



Simon Dart


Hi my name is Simon,

As an undefeated simon says champion since birth I offer a persistence, passion, and sense of humor to compete with the best. I love Brewpub Jerky because I am always hungry and on the go and can’t risk running out of energy when there are things to do! Let’s grab a beer and become friends! First round is on me!

Favorite type of beer: Sour

Favorite beer drinking activity: Getting acquainted with my beach chair.



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